I'm Izabel. I am a lover of food, laughter, good light and music.

My favorite part of being a photographer is seeing people's reactions to their beauty. Often times we are so caught up with life but pictures stop time and allow us to slow down for just a second. 

Words like "fine art" and "editorial" may sound a little intimidating, but I promise I have a laid back approach to capture genuine, beautiful images that you will remember and pass down for years to come. The words I use to describe my work are timeless, editorial, romantic, and warm. 

I'm a California girl through and through. I have traveled Los Angeles and Ventura counties to shoot the most beautiful weddings. In my spare time my family and I enjoy starry filled places, hotel views of the beach and lots of beautiful architecture. My mind always thinks in terms of "hey, this would make a beautiful location for lovers to be photographed in". 

I often dream about living in the South. I'm not the southern belle type per se, but there is something about the big city small town feel that I am enamored with. A city on my bucket list is New Orleans. More places on my bucket list include Central America, Mexico and Europe. In particular Greece. 

Places i want to see

I'm a wife and a boy mom.  

I'm a lover of music, whimsical florals and drives with my best friend.
Punk music, classical, reggae- I love it all! 

Favorite Snacks

Young Coconut
Hot Cheetos *yes, I was the girl who had semi permanently inked finger tips in red 40 all throughout middle school*

Izabel Cortéz Photo Couples

My couples are kind, loving and creative. They have a sense of fashion but don't take themselves too seriously. 

They value family, they value and respect time and art. They value the journey of life and make the best out of it. 

If this sounds like you, then it sounds like we're going to have lots of fun! Lets chat. 

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